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The Best COPD Blogs of 2013

About the Conference

Overview   Welcome Letter   Faculty

Overview of the Conference

Who Should Attend This World Conference?

COPD patients and their families, physicians who treat COPD patients, health care professionals, health ministers, COPD patient organization leaders, and public health workers interested in preventing COPD and improving the lives of COPD patients worldwide.

Why you need to attend the World Conference of COPD Patient Organizations:

  • Improve the care and the lives of COPD patients with patient-centered, integrative medicine.
  • Learn new clinical approaches involving medications, devices, early diagnosis, oxygen therapy, home care, and communication.
  • Share COPD advocacy skills and approaches that can be used in your country, your community, and your practice.
  • Discuss clinical issues, COPD patient organization services, and patient quality of life.
  • Experience the vibrant medical and economic advances of the developing world and discuss the issues facing COPD care worldwide.

Key Objectives

  • GAIN a better understanding of how to work with government health agencies to improve the lives of COPD patients and to advocate for tobacco cessation and COPD prevention.
  • LEARN about practical medical approaches to improve COPD patients' quality of life.
  • UNDERSTAND procedures to operate COPD patient organizations and implement their programs.
  • HELP to introduce the COPD Patients' Global Bill of Rights in your country.

Welcome Letter from the Co-Chairs

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

Together we will be learning to improve the lives of COPD patients by working with health ministries, medical groups, and COPD patient organizations. Each conference session will discuss practical actions to benefit patients and to ensure that the COPD Patients' Bill of Rights will lead to meaningful changes in their lives. We want longer lives for COPD patients.

Welcome to Shanghai!


Nanshan Zhong Yousser Mohammad Rongchang Chen
Co-Chair, International COPD Coalition
Past President, Chinese Medical Association
International COPD Coalition
International COPD Coalition


Chunxue Bai, Respiratory Chair, Chinese Medical Association
Niels Chavannes, Director, IPCRG, ERS, and GARD
Rongchang Chen, Co-Chair, ICC
Alvaro Cruz, GARD, ARIA, and GINA Executive Committee; WHO Responsible Officer, GARD
Monica Fletcher, Chair, European Lung Foundation
Peter Frith, Australian Lung Foundation
Larry Grouse, Executive Director, ICC and ARIA
Ki Suck Jung, APSR, Hallym University
Donald Li, World Organization of Family Doctors
Jiangtao Lin, President, Chinese Chest Physicians
Alfred Loh, CEO, World Organization of Family Doctors
Yousser Mohammad, Co-Chair, ICC
Marianella Salapatas, President, EFA
Sean Sullivan, President and CEO, Institute for Health and Productivity Management
Kazuko Tohyama, President, Federation of Japanese CRD Patient Groups
Jun Ueki, Professor, Juntendo University
John Walsh, President, US COPD Foundation
Chen Wang, Chair, Chinese Society of Respiratory Diseases
Yongjian Xu, Chair, Chinese COPD Alliance; Vice-Chair, Chinese Society of Respiratory Diseases
Nanshan Zhong, Co-Chair, ICC; Past President, Chinese Medical Association

Worldwide Survey on Early COPD Diagnosis

ICC conducted a survey of its 120 national leaders concerning the activities in their countries relating to the early diagnosis of COPD.
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